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tv   Headline News  RT  July 13, 2014 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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tonight on r t international a school comes under army shelling in eastern ukraine as the army attacks a resistance controlled city a day after artillery attacks among other regional hub suburbs left multiple civilian casualties. russian citizens killed by a shell fired from ukraine moscow warns of heavy consequences but kiev denies attacking russian territory also headlining. the deadliest night of israeli bombings pushes the number of palestinian deaths to over one hundred sixty one israeli commandos briefly enter gaza to raid of militant rocket site. look at other stories that help shape the week bye-bye birdie in germany expels
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a top cia official offer resting to government employees for passing secrets to u.s. intelligence. if you just joined us my name is kevin zero in this is r.t. international our top story this hour than ukraine there's been heavy artillery fire in residential areas in the southern outskirts of the ganske earlier tension escalated on the border with russia to after a rocket launched from ukraine killing a russian citizen rif a national reports. well we have to say that the situation here in the city of lugansk is very tense and a t's deteriorating dramatically meanwhile challis more choice and multiple rocket launchers known as grad or hail can teen years in the outskirts of the city of lugansk the raw many victims killed and injured mostly including civilians it's now
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listen to what i witnesses say. her well being shelled by mortar schools been damaged the cleaning lady was killed and a fourteen year old boy injured also hit a kindergarten or the block of flats in the neighboring yards has been destroyed there are cranes is everywhere. people say the bathroom is the safest place to hide her husband and assessing together we can't leave people if we creating their homes in one year we spent actually several hours today at the ambulance station we saw people come in with gunshot wounds from absolutely different parts of the city mostly from residential areas the most difficult to hear today is that to you cannot say for sure you cannot know exactly when and from which direction a shell may lend in your house or on you and also we hear it about clashes
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happening along the ukrainian russian border we received information that several shells fired from the ukrainian territory lended in the russian border town a private house. heat i would say they were at least six shells and a man was killed and. woman was injured he had a big family and four children. that's what you have a close to the resources. if you catch a plane in primo. the key is already denied any responsibility for this attack while russia's reaction was very strong on russia's foreign ministry can dand violence and the spilling over saying that if it happens again russia keeps its right to defend
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its citizens and its security and while ukrainian crisis is now as we can see spillover to neighboring russia people from ukraine. i running they say a war zone and russia is among the stone ages where the where the way they go is you can see it's very close we're now in the city center and sharon has been just just very near the roof and often a cross border and since have become increasingly frequent that's the worry on saturday very cool currying russian border guards came under fire originating from the ukrainian side the car was riddled with bullet holes but the men escaped unharmed then just a week earlier rockets hit a russian border checkpoint near the scene of saturday's incident the crossing there was packed with refugees trying to enter russian escape the walls of.
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the tunnels are. going to put on prisoners in order for them obviously we're just. learning or did you have more. than you did the more you. got on your bubble of duty coverdale you to school and you must do what you did you were. and eighteen workers were killed in a fresh army shelling of two minors settlements on the outskirts of donetsk one of the strongholds of the resistance the city's residential areas were also targeted that led to numerous deaths though the exact number has still to be confirmed what's coming up next that you're about to see are the latest pictures from donetsk you may find them up setting two so this is just two minutes drive from the city center residential buildings almost leveled by strikes an orphanage destroyed the two conflicting reports as to the number of civilians that have been killed that
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ranged from sixty to thirty thousands of families have decided to flee their mates now as the army tightens its grip on the city tell backs to stretch for kilometers along local roads. and the situation surrounding ukraine has been discussed during a meeting between president putin and chancellor merkel in brazil both leaders agree that the crisis is deteriorating and that work within the contact group needs to resume as soon as possible perhaps even as a video conference there also called for immediate cease fire and for monitoring activity in ukraine to be restarted. and you get a full picture of how the ukrainian crisis is unfolding with the latest pictures minute by minute updates by logging onto r.t. dot com. the head of the palestinian administration has appealed to the united nations asking for international protection for the people of gaza more than fifty
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palestinians died from yet more israeli bombardment overnight nearly a week into the offensive the total number of dead risen above one hundred sixty more than half of them civilians and including dozens of children this deeds what was left after one of the deadliest really a struggle to destroy the home of a local police chief all eighteen members of the same family died the u.n. security council's call for a ceasefire but israel said no international pressure will stop it from pursuing its offensive right now despite its claims its only aiming at militant targets or more civilians are being caught up in the violence. hundred three eighty was.
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a. israeli missiles have struck over a thousand sites in gaza this last week a mosque for people with disabilities even a beach cafe filled with football fans are among those hit very fierce and this report from gaza for r.t. . on a visit to gaza's main hospital we met four year old shame on master she was injured in her abdomen she became collateral damage in a drone strike but i have. well that about how well the model had about how one flew for thirty m. of getting about a mile would settle how let the bed and that of a thing and if this had that then. well i wouldn't going to tell them how did you get the hang hello it's this head that they knew where they thought i thought of
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doctors tell me they've been dealing with the biting shortage of medical supplies in gaza for the last three weeks as a result of the ongoing siege but even civilians that survive the violence suffer the mental effects of living in a war zone our bed lives in a neighborhood of shaikh road one that was targeted last night. it was all. done it's all there's a. gun in the. line and the. whole village. it's been a traumatizing couple of days for the civilians of han eunice in the south of the gaza strip to during its operation israel says that it's going off to hamas militants those are alleges a hamas militants however it's willing to go as far as targeting their homes and in this case israel killed six children and two adults when it struck this family home
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the family didn't have time to heed the warning drone missile which arrived four minutes before the main strike. almost. so subtle hundred of. them said israel has made clear that it's not interested in restraining its operation on gaza so long as hamas rocket fire continues. azzi gaza. we're also getting reports to the rockets being fired into israel from syria israeli commandos conducted a raid on a rocket launching site in gods or on sunday morning that triggered fears that a full scale ground invasion is imminent the idea of spring massing troops on the border for several days has a middle east correspondent paula. twenty soldiers briefly entered northern gaza the i.d.f. says that the purpose of the mission was to destroy rocket launching sites we
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understand that there was a brief exchange of fire during which four israeli soldiers were likely wounded but the army has since returned to israel of course the question being asked is whether or not this is a precursor for a ground offensive certainly the sense on the ground and from me witnessing the amassing of tanks and armored personnel vehicles and troops along the border it does seem as if a ground offensive could be imminent and certainly the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has indicated that this is an option that he is considering the word from the israeli army however is that they are ready for a ground offensive but that ultimately this is a political decision. ok. thank you for a minute just by now to go to the world cup final kicks off your reporting from rio after the break a look at the head of the tournament next stop on the road to russia twenty eighty stay with me it's after the break. same logic that the united states. army relatively unknown to graft if.
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it was good enough for the united states and look what happened. a lot again the problem with american policy is a lack of staying power after the soviet union left afghanistan the united states essentially forgot about afghanistan the pakistanis moved in to fill the void with the. growth of al qaida with subsequent consequences this was the critique of pulling out of iraq as well. as the media leave us so we need to be. by the sea and secure the play you quality musical. issues that no one is with to get that you deserve answers from.
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politic only on our team. thirty minutes past ten in the evening here in moscow less than an hour to go there now and before a football finest from germany knowledge in front of a huge audience and billions and expecting bring two of brazil's twenty fourteen world cup present with him of putin's also come to rio as well to see the final and to pick up the torch as well as brazil's then to be handing over the tournament to russia of course. big build up the pole. over the last forty eight hours or so around eighty thousand spectators are inside the stadium with germany set to take on argentina are also in attendance is german chancellor angela merkel she'll be hoping. the world cup title after
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victories in one hundred seventy eight nine hundred eighty six the closing ceremony is taking place right now it's to say performances from the likes of. john. official responsibility for the competition handed over to russia of course russia hosting the competition in two thousand and eighteen the protests that threatens to overshadow brazil two thousand and fourteen fully took off. for the host nation on the pitch they eventually finished fourth losing the third playoff to the netherlands but despite the atmosphere in and around over the last forty eight hours. around one hundred. argentinian fans have swarmed the city with the copacabana beach area in particular a sea of blue and white over the last forty eight hours. twenty twenty forty comes to an end the tension now turns to russia twenty eight.
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where the best team will. when now left from brazil handing over the world cup to russia let's talk about that with our correspondent neil harveys a new one of the eleven no russian cities of course which will host matches of the torment twenty eighteen let's look at ahead a bit with the big match to come but the closing certainly already underway of course so the current world cup is almost home straight how those preparations going for the next warm. yeah hi there kevin pretty good i think is the answer in brief let me just help you get acquainted a bit with design it's my first arm here are thoroughly enjoyed it all when you get a feel for the place a few facts and figures for you first it's the capital of the russian republic of tatarstan has a population of just over one point one million and that makes it rushes a big city planning to come and visit for the world cup i think you'll be pleasantly surprised i describe is a very tourist friendly location you find practically every sign here translated
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into english but it's better known for its beautiful architecture and for its multiculturalism and both of those you will find perfectly embodies in the kremlin so there you go if you thought it was just moscow that has a kremlin you'd be wrong this warning because an it's well it's a thing of great beauty so much so that it's actually been declared a world heritage site i was actually able to take a quick look around there earlier on today and i was a little bit surprised to see that you'll find a church and a mosque located practically next to each other there but actually go some way to reinforce the other reputation that has and has which is of being a city where christians and muslims managed to peacefully coexist side by side. i thank those that not too many people know about the city the days that a few years ago the people of russia voted it the sport capital of the country surprising probably you would expect maybe moscow st petersburg no khazan and
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that's because every single year you will find a major global sporting event taking place last year and that was the university and this year this weekend. the will spend thing championships and next year will be the world aquatic championship so it's a hot spot for sport always something going on here it is of course only warm as you said russia's eleven cities i was able to pay a visit to some of the other locations so take a look now at how the preparations for twenty eighty already shaping up. twenty eight hundred feet from both ladies and gentlemen to be organized. back in two thousand and ten it was all smiles as russia defied the odds to be named host of the twenty eight world cup. victory came largely sank to a slick promotional video which pledged to develop football among the country's youth. with another big selling point was russia's ambitious plan to build several
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new stadium which will keep games could be played for years on how exactly is not planned looking full of the twelve stadiums to be used for under construction there in kaliningrad volgograd nizhny novgorod he said mara the move should be rolling soon enough with those projects to be underway by the end of this year and meanwhile the progress that some of the other venues has given russia calls to celebrate. what here in sochi there should be no problem whatsoever the fish stadium is tried and tested during the olympics it proved itself to be a great success that will be one or two slight alterations needed in order to turn it into a football stadium but they're only minor. this one of a success for the host nation. this is an arena and boy is this a versatile stadium because last year they hosted the world student games that next year they'll put into swimming pools for the staging of the world championships and
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after that it will be converted into a football stadium. in the russian capital there are two very. projects taking place with the new stadium going up just as an old one gets to lay down first as they spawn tanks stadium high tech high cost ground that in order to protect its pitch from the harsh russian winter is he's using the very latest technologies and they include footballs equivalent of the giant head drawing any additions. to the profile of the jury with all the shell hit single. and bore hole of the sufis keeping the temperature as it should be and also with what i have main lodge light seems like that will pop up half the pitch which will be an lights all day every day so here is the spot that stated in all its glory the playing surface is looking absolutely spectacular all the infrastructure is just days away now from completion
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it took four years of work and four hundred thirty million dollars of investment to get us to this point and it sees the stadium spot tacked on the brink of becoming the new kid on moscow's footballing blockbuster if you're one of those found sympathy if you'll stadium to be a little bit bigger about how upsetting it a bit more history than there really is only one place to go. and that's here to the luzhniki which in twenty eight team will host both the opening game of the tournament and the big one the world cup final however in order to look the part for the big occasion the ground old lady of russian football is having to undergo a monumental make over. but i really mean it's been completely gutted which is a bit now some found in the spiel of the truth of losing the stadium that's filled with so many memories just like the ninety nine team in michigan that they're there
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to to the on at the moscow olympics. the fun. it shouldn't be too sound because while the insides might be the facade of the luzhniki is set to remain which means that it's not really goodbye more a case the c.d.c. . says neil harvey reporting for r.t. . good bye certainly applied to our next story relations between germany and the us took another blow this last week when early in kicked out a cia chief assigned itself to two high ranking german officials for marsters alleged american spies sparking some angry words then the german interior minister dismissed the information gleaned as laughable but went on to say the political damage is disproportionately serious comment to far left party members outrage saying was no longer blind trust in the united states and the justice minister also
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added that the u.s. spying in germany should be stopped once and for all here's our europe correspondent peter oliver. sent packing a with a flea in his ear. i just want to say that if you see it with human common sense in my opinion spying on allies and friends is a waste of energy. germany has now told the cia contact at the us embassy in berlin to get his things and leave. for the first time after a series of spy scandals this is a strong message from the germans that they've had enough of washington's behavior . or foreign intelligence services isn't something we're taking lightly but it took a whole string of and biasing snooping slip ups to get to the stage that paints a picture of an abusive relationship in june of last year it emerged that the u.s. had spied on its european allies prompting this response from the chancellor spying
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on friends is not acceptable then it was revealed that mrs merkel's private cell phone was bugged by the n.s.a. washington promised not to do it again but refused to sign a no spine deal bilin still wanted to talk trade and rebuilding of trust between the transatlantic partners flash forward to april of this year when germany's request to see the chancellor's n.s.a. file was turned down and even then i'm glad merkel was content to stand side by side with the u.s. president as he again spoke of their close friendship but the discovery of two potential double agents in germany and his many weeks and a lack of cooperation from the u.s. with the investigations looks like the final straw and it will be interesting to see what effect the expulsion of the cia official will have on an already strained u.s. german relationship now that berlin has shown its willingness to act peter all of
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a r.t. germany. well we shall be following that story though is informed total comment on this channel international talk in which that after the break you saw the boy to see it tonight focusing on america's record of getting involved in foreign conflicts. a minute or two from now. when people talk about human rights violations you should evolve some pro western protesters getting beaten up in response with mainstream media is usually to bomb somebody somewhere so good thing they haven't picked up a story from detroit that the u.n. is calling a human rights violation residents of the motor city or well sadly the former motor city who are hundred fifty dollars or more behind on their water bills are getting
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their water shut off completely the detroit water and sewage department is five billion dollars in debt and that is the justification to crack down on deadbeats on the surface the seems like an open and shut case of course everyone has the right to water especially detroit which is near huge bodies of fresh water that other cities can only dream of but on the other hand if the poor don't pay for water then us taxpayers will be paying for it for them and that's not fair i think this is not so much a case of a right to water but a right to decent employment and a corruption free city government back when people in detroit had good salaries and a government that wasn't flagrantly corrupt they would have any problems paying for their water bills but that's just my opinion. this is about making the business survive.
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corporations the low for reasons told the corporations have no feeling. corporations don't care about you or me corporations. offer. people come to untouched forest and leave. the sea come on. we're not going to quit we will not stop until it is done what is more precious music more. hello and welcome to worlds apart the rising anti-americanism in russia and the
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increasing with the fall being the united states may come across as two sides of the same coin but are they both rooted in reality and how does one tell apart constructive criticism from geo political malignancy well to discuss that i'm now i'm joined by robert freedman visiting professor of political science at johns hopkins university dr friedman thank you very much for being here it's my pleasure now you know one of those people called criminologists you studied the soviet union later russia for several decades and i'm sure you would agree with me of that. there has always been a considerable level of mistrust bits in our two nations but i wonder if the rhetoric used by both sides has ever been asked colorful and asked passive aggressive as it is nowadays well i think we're almost back to the worst of the cold war underbridge now and the early reagan days in the early one nine hundred eighty s. after the soviet invasion of afghanistan that's when relations really hit their bottom we're not there yet but if we continue in this direction will be there well
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i'll just use. this warthe passive aggressive and i think you know both sides seem to believe that they're defending their national interests or that national values and see the other side as an aggressor but it seems to me that this aggression is a very different caliber because the united states has the whole list of countries that it essentially ruins through intervention whereas russia is charged with one count of quote unquote bloodless annex a sham is that really fear to compare the two well you know we haven't seen the end of ukraine yet but if you go back into history you know russian then soviet intervention in. afghanistan in hungary and even it is germany in one nine hundred fifty three not exactly very pleasant the u.s. intervention was in afghanistan in two thousand and one and that was after nine eleven and the jury's still out on what's going to happen there the big american
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mistake of course was in iraq but dr friedman i think you were replying to my question is very telling here because most examples of the quote unquote soviet aggression in fact the human example that he just mentioned the invasion of afghanistan it dates back to the soviet times where is all the examples that russia can cite it's exam of american aggression of very very recent isn't that actually. an instance of how americans really view russia through the prism of the soviet union you know seeing russia as these ghost or the bogeyman are all of the soviet union where is the american aggression the american policy is a very much current well i'm not sure i'd agree with you on that i mean there was an effort for cooperation between the u.s. and russia but in two thousand and six if you remember after hamas won the elections in the.


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